The Modern Consumer Decision-making Process

🛍 Knowing how consumers make purchasing decisions can unlock a whole new world for your marketing and sales strategies. Here's a rundown of the 5 steps ⤵️

The modern consumer decision-making process

1️⃣ Recognition of the need. The customer says, "I need a certain product, but I don't know exactly which one yet."

2️⃣ Information search. They explore different products from various brands and get as much information as possible.

3️⃣ Evaluation. They compare the different products against their various considerations.

4️⃣ Purchase. They settle on one product and buy the product.

5️⃣ Post-purchase behaviour. Now comes the question: how do they act or feel once they have bought the product? Do they leave a review? Tell others about their experience? Return to make more purchases?

🤔 Have you tailored your customer experience to the decision-making process yet?

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