The Rise Of The Micro-Influencer

You've probably heard about influencer marketing, right? And in recent years we've seen the rise of the micro-influencer, too.

It's Time To Grow

Unlike regular old influencers who boast hundreds of thousands of followers (if not millions!), micro-influencers are niche content creators with anywhere between 5K-55K followers on social media.

These creators are small but mighty, and a strategic partnership can spell success for your business thanks to their super-niche content and strong audience relationships.

But choosing the right micro-influencers to work with can be challenging.

At MYB we use the 3 R's Rule:

⭐ Reach- Ensure their audience is niche (5-5,000 followers) and must maintain a prominent area of passion or specialisation.

⭐ Relevancy- You need to check that their content is relevant to your business and your values.

⭐ Relationships- Must have strong relationships with their followers. Check their comments section and look for a two-way dialogue with their audience. Also, look to see if they publish to youtube or video content on their channels. (Video content = a higher engagement rate with their audience.)

The right micro-influencer partnerships can really boost your brand and play an integral part in your marketing strategy. If it's time to grow, consider implementing an influencer strategy!

➡️ Want to explore influencer marketing and figure out how to find the right partnership for your brand? Head on our to our blog to read all about it - the link is in our bio. 




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