3 Little eCommerce Mistakes That Cost Online Stores Millions

😳 Sometimes a little mistake can end up costing a LOT ⬇️

1 Focusing more on SEO than conversion rates

✅ Be sure to pay attention to conversion rates. It's common for time & money to be poured into traffic generation strategies like SEO and sales marketing... only to result in low sales and high bounce rates.

2 Using only one landing page for everybody

✅ Create optimised landing pages for different subcategories of your target market instead of sending all traffic to one single page.

3 Never split testing to optimise results

✅ And don't forget to A/B test! There's nothing worse than losing out on revenue when simple A/B testing could've brought in more.

Don't let these little mistakes trip you up. Want help with your strategy? Get in touch to jump on our client waitlist!




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