Time Flies When You Don't Want To Do Something

Have you ever noticed the more you put something off, the faster time seems to slip through your fingers?

Time flies when you don't want to do something


"I'll organise that next week," you keep telling yourself. And then suddenly, as if by magic, it's three months later, and you have nothing to show for it... 😳

It's called the trap of ✨magical thinking ✨

"Later" doesn't really exist - so there are two strategies for dealing with "later-itis":

1️⃣ Admit to yourself you're not going to do the thing you've been avoiding and either accept it's not important and forget it OR outsource it to someone who will get it done.

2️⃣ Do it right now or schedule real-time to address it. Don't keep rescheduling or let other things take precedence over it. Book in that real, non-negotiable time to deal with it.

There you have it, the cure for later-itis! 🤒✨ Do you suffer form it, tell us in the comments below.



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