Did You Know You Need Two Bases Of SEO?

Did you know you need two bases of SEO covered to optimise your ranking in search engines? Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are important here! ⚡️

🔎 ON-PAGE SEO is optimisation of your website to increase rankings (e.g. content, design, code or technology).

On-page SEO can be optimised via:
✅ Website title tags
✅ Meta descriptions
✅ Building internal links
✅ Switch from HTTP to HTTPS network protocol

🔎 OFF-PAGE SEO covers optimisation processes that you perform on other websites to increase the rankings of your website (e.g. checking how many other sites link to yours).

You can optimise off-page SEO by:
✅ Building backlinks
✅ Guest blogging
✅ Social media marketing
✅ Building brand mentions

If you're looking to implement a SEO strategy it's important to pay attention to both on and off page strategies.

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