Instagram Reel & Tik Tok Video Ideas For Products

📹 Instagram Reel & Tik Tok video ideas for products 👇

Want to jump into video marketing but stumped for ideas? We've got you! Here's some easy ideas based on viral trends that don't involve pointing & dancing...

1. Show your journey - Use photos/videos of where you started & WHY you started versus now. There's a few different trending audios you can use that pack an emotional punch!

2. Pack orders - People LOVE ordering packing content! Record some videos of you packing orders to both show off products and create connection with your business.

3. Show off a product in action - This is a great way to show off the benefits of a product. Showcase items one at a time as well as create category compilations like "our bestsellers", "new in", "our favourite RED products," etc.

4. Create a tutorial - Add some extra value by teaching something featuring your product. E.g. A hair styling tutorial to show off hair accessories, a recipe tutorial for kitchenwares, a styling tip for furniture.

REMEMBER! You don't have to reinvent the wheel or think up tons of different content ideas. Find what people like (& you like making) and stick with it. If your audience loves the packing videos, create them weekly. If they flip for tutorials, then there's your new video content strategy!

Have you tried out video content for your product business yet? What do you think - worth the effort? What's been your most successful video so far? Leave your answers in the comments below 👇 




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