Taking A Look At Your Website

THE LOOK 👀 ➡️ "I already have a professionally designed website!" they tell me.

"Okay, let me have a look..." I reply.

*Website loading*

*It's taking forever*

*This isn't a good sign*

"Ah," I say after it finally loads.

"Can you see it?" they ask.

"Mhmm, you said a professional designed this, right?"


Cue: The Look

*CUE: THE LOOK* (Pictured above)👆😅

Listen, there's "professionals" and then there's Professionals when it comes to website design, (just because it might look fancy, doesn't mean it will convert) and when you don't really know the first thing about it, it's easy to be taken for a ride by the "professionals".

Some common issues I see include...
❌ Slow loading times
❌ No SEO optimisation
❌ No thought to the user experience or journey
❌ Outdated, unappealing, or clunky design
❌ Broken links and buttons
And more...

But that's where I step in! Dubbed Mrs Fix It by my clients, here to rescue your website from the mess that "professional" left you with.

Rescuing you from low conversions, high bounce rates, and not showing up in search engine results.

If you'd like to talk web design and optimisation, just send me a DM to get Mrs Fix It on the case 🛠💁



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