Here's What You Need To Look For When Working With Influencers

When working with influencers, their follower count isn't what matters. Here's what you need to look for instead ⤵️

Influencer marketing can be a powerful asset if done right. Influencers aren't a magical fix to your long term growth and sales problems, but they can be fantastic for generating more brand awareness and driving traffic to your social media and website.

One big mistake business owners make when choosing influencers is basing the decision on a compatible niche and follower count. But a big following does not mean good results for your campaign.

Instead, ask to see the influencers insights and check that the following match your target market demographics:
✅ Age
✅ Gender
✅ Location

Then take a look at:
✅ Post insights on past brand collaborations they've done
✅ Quality of comments on their posts
✅ Overall account engagement rate

Hint: Any experienced influencer will have a media kit with this information readily available.

All this together is much more important than follower count, so be sure to do your due diligence to avoid disappointment. For more tips and insights, head on over to our blog



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