Winning Product Descriptions: Our Formula for Optimising Sales

Our formula for writing winning product descriptions 🔬⤵️

Product descriptions can make-or-break when it comes to making sales. Here's our formula for writing better, more consistent product descriptions that win the sale:

🌟 Optimised & Catchy Title – Your titles shouldn’t just contain the product name and the brand. Make it catchy by including some of the most sellable features so that the customer is convinced to read the actual description.

🌟 Engaging Lead Sentence – The opening statement should be engaging as it determines whether the customer keeps reading on or moves to another site.

🌟 The Actual Description – It should be brief, identify the true value and “pro’s” of the product and give a general overview of the product or service.

🌟 Shiny Product Features – The benefits and features should ideally be broken down into bullet points and should tell the customer why they should buy the product or service.

🌟 Call to Action – It's time to buy! Prompt the customer to make a purchase with a call-to-action like 'Add to cart'.

There we have it! Simple but effective.

💌 Want to learn more about writing better product descriptions? We have a whole post about it over on our blog. Head to the link in our bio to read now!




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