YOU DID IT! You Survived... BFCM!

Hands up if you’ve felt bombarded and #veryoverwhelmed with way too many sales messages, offers, promos, discounts and more during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales over the last week? 🙋‍♀️

It was a lot. The emails. The ads. The text messages. We literally couldn’t hide from Black Friday this year!

We’d love to know, did you choose to buy and take advantage of the sale, or were you left feeling “too sold to” and instead chose to ignore the sales? 🙅‍♀️ We went with the latter this year, It was just too much. What we did find interesting though, was seeing brands get creative with their sales strategy, while prioritising their brand experience and community to take part in the sale, in their own way.

Instead of joining the ‘30% off-shop-now-or-you’ll-die’ messaging 😂 E-commerce brands instead took part in offering a gift with purchase instead. Our favourite offer was from Gold-Coast jewellery brand, @ycljewels. Their strategy was clever, creative and strategic. The team thoughtfully created a piece of jewellery especially for this sale, and of course it was gorgeous and we all wanted it. But it was also inline with their brand values and customer experience. A win-win for all in our eyes.

We can’t go past @gotoskincare Is there anything this brand can’t do to surprise and delight their customer? Apparently there is always more! They chose to take part by offering a ‘Scratchie prize’ plus a free-mini product with every purchase on one day only, rather than the whole week which was very clever. Customers not only loved the sale and the fun-experience, but they took the opportunity to make more than one purchase to enjoy all the goodies. Happy customer = happy brand.

By thinking of your brand experience and your customer before you think of sales, it really gives you the opportunity to be creative and engage




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