What You Should Include In Your Ideal Customer Profile?

So you know you need to have an ideal customer profile... but what do you actually include in it? Here's some ideas to get you started:

βœ… WHO are they? Are there are any specifics around age, gender, location, job title or industry, income level, marital status, family, interests, hobbies, etc that tie your market together?

βœ… WHAT are they struggling with? What problems do your ideal customers have that your business solves?

βœ… HOW would they rather things be? What are the ideal outcomes for your customers? How do they want to feel once they've purchased?

βœ… WHAT emotions are they experiencing around their pain points and desired outcomes? What negative emotions are they feeling around their pain points, and what positive emotions are they seeking in their ideal outcomes?

βœ… WHERE can you find them? Where do they spend their time? What social media do they use? What groups are they a part of?

βœ… HOW do their days look? What is an average day like for your ideal client? What do they think and dream about? What are they striving for?

βœ… WHAT are their values? What do they value most, both personally and in purchasing decisions. For example, are they family-oriented or living the single life? Do they prefer cheap prices or high quality goods?

Overall it's important to have a well-rounded view of your ideal customers. Who they are, what they think, feel, and want. This allows you to create a strong brand & marketing plan that cuts through the noise to attract & convert them easily 🧲️

Does your ideal client profile include all of these? Is there anything else you've included in yours that you'd like to share? Drop your ideas below! πŸ’Œ



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