Launch a Custom Squarespace Website Today: How to Choose the Best Squarespace Website Template

There are many pros and cons to choosing Squarespace, but one thing is indisputable: It is a website builder that offers striking visuals and ease of use through Squarespace's hosted platform and ready-to-go design templates.

While Squarespace offers 60+ built-in templates for you to choose from, many entrepreneurs are seeking something more unique that is customized to their needs. If you have chosen Squarespace as your website platform, you can stand out from the crowd by choosing a template that is focused on building your online brand with many third-party Squarespace website templates on the market. 

Why Squarespace Templates Are a Game Changer For Any Small Business

Hiring a web designer to craft your website's branding and user experience can easily cost you $5,000 to $10,000 for a basic, custom build. And while having a website is indispensable for your marketing success, most small businesses or design-savvy entrepreneurs don't have the budget to drop five figures on their online presence. 

Squarespace's default templates offer a slick, DIY, visually engaging alternative.

With a click of a button, you can upgrade your online presence with a Squarespace website that looks professional and offers all the functionality your audience demands. 

However, as Squarespace's popularity grows — businesses are flocking to the website builder, as Squarespace is currently valued at more than $1.7 billion — more and more of your competitors are using Squarespace's default templates.

While each of these 60+ default Squarespace templates included with your Squarespace plan are engaging, beautiful and require no coding, your web-savvy audience may notice that your website looks just like your competitor's website. If you want to truly stand out in the marketplace, grow your reach and achieve your business goals, a more customized and tailored approach to your Squarespace branding and design is ideal.

That's where the value of a third-party Squarespace template comes into play.

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How to Choose a Third-Party Squarespace Template

There are dozens of companies offering Squarespace templates, but not all are created equal. For maximum audience engagement and a user-friendly experience, consider a few key criteria to ensure you're picking the best Squarespace template.

1. Are the Designer's Templates Compatible With Squarespace 7.1?

In 2020, Squarespace rolled out version 7.1. This update included numerous major changes to templates, functionality and design for all brands that run on the Squarespace platform.

The best Squarespace template designers work with both today's Squarespace 7.1, as well as legacy versions like Squarespace 7.0. Make sure the third party template designer you choose stays up-to-date with Squarespace's latest rollouts and offers updates and upgrades to maintain your website's functionality.

2. Are the Designer's Templates Truly Customized?

Brands like yours need to stand out. Unscrupulous template designers and fly-by-night operations tend to churn out cheap templates that look alike. When choosing a Squarespace template designer, make sure the designer's templates are truly unique and proprietary.

3. What Type of Customer Service Are You Given?

You can install a new Squarespace template yourself:

  • Log in to your Squarespace account 
  • Click "Design" in your home menu 
  • Scroll down and tap "Template" 
  • Click "Install New Template"

However, the best Squarespace designs include a lot of custom tweaks, coding (we're looking at you, CSS scripts!) and proprietary design elements. And uploading and configuring all of those assets can get tricky.

When selecting the best Squarespace template provider, look for a designer that offers installation support (or, better yet, actually installs the template for you!).

Likewise, you should have access to a support team should you have any issues with installing, configuring or customizing your new Squarespace design. This lets you focus on what you do best — blogging, designing, selling, etc. — instead of messing around with the Squarespace backend.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

Squarespace's subscription plans, which give you access to its default templates, start at $12 a month. If you've chosen Squarespace to save on hosting, web design and website maintenance, the last thing you want to do is shell out thousands of dollars on additional design resources.

The best Squarespace templates are budget-conscious and provide maximum value for your price point.

The Best Squarespace Website Templates We Recommend: GoLive HQ

Brand orientated Squarespace templates

After extensive research and reviews, there is only one third-party Squarespace template designer that we would recommend: Promise Tangeman's GoLive HQ.

GoLive HQ hits all the marks we outlined above, and more:

  • GoLive HQ offers both legacy and upgraded templates, so you have options to pick from whether you're on Squarespace 7.0 or Squarespace 7.1

  • GoLive HQ's Squarespace templates are truly unique, so your brand isn't blending into the crowded marketplace

  • GoLive HQ's templates require zero coding on your end, and they offer exceptional customer support: Free installation of your new template (guaranteed within 24 hours of purchasing their design), plus self-help video tutorials and access to a friendly customer support team

  • GoLive HQ's custom, proprietary templates and installation services fit the budget of small businesses, ringing in at only $299 USD

While the staff here at Marketing Your Brand have come across a lot of third-party Squarespace template designers, no other professional design team matches GoLive HQ's ability to meet the business-savvy needs of entrepreneurs. That's why GoLive HQ is the only Squarespace template provider that we recommend to clients.

GoLive HQ Squarespace Template Review


  • Completely customized, proprietary designs ensure you aren't blending in with the thousands of other Squarespace users who opt for Squarespace's default templates
  • Dozens of different design approaches to fit your brand's unique needs, whether you're a blogger, a corporate brand, an e-commerce shop, or an artist or service provider who wants a glamorous online portfolio
  • Free installation takes the "no coding" promise of Squarespace to a new level, so you can focus on marketing your business without the headaches of dealing with Squarespace tech
  • GoLive HQ provides exceptional customer support, including in-depth videos to help you tweak and adjust the template to make it truly yours (no coding required)


  • You get access to exceptional customer service, but they can take up to 48 hours to respond (planning ahead can ensure you have the customer support you want during your launch day)
  • Brands that don't use a lot of visual elements in their marketing may find it difficult to make Squarespace's visual-heavy templates fit their objectives (don't worry, we provide solutions for that just book a consult)

If you're looking for the best Squarespace templates that help you to launch your online brand quickly (today, not next month), no other Squarespace template provider offers GoLive HQ's design aesthetic, ease of use, and professional approach.

Upgrade your online presence (and your Squarespace website) with one of GoLive's templates now! 

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