Are you looking to create a brand that your customers will love? One of the key facets you must have in place to achieve this is a strong brand foundation. Without taking the time to build your brand strategy, the foundation of all of your branding efforts will fall short. Instead of leaving your brand profile and content strategy as an after-thought, let our talented team of copywriters come up with a strategic plan and articulate messaging that captures the true essence of your brand. Most importantly, we can create a well-defined brand that serves you for many years to come!



Identifying your brand core is one of the first fundamental steps to launching a strong business. Clearly defined brand foundations will allow you to convert your visitors into customers, provide clear company direction to your team, and create memorable content that customers love.

Your brand foundations clarify who you are, why you exist, and what you want to accomplish. Built on your brand’s unique values and beliefs, these foundations create the essential core from which you can keep building and growing.

By defining your brand’s foundations and developing a clear content strategy plan, your business will be set up to succeed. Without these, many business owners find themselves stuck and uncertain about what to do next.

We have designed our packages so that no matter where you are, we can work with you to create your brand profile foundations and pillars from start to finish. On a tight budget? That’s not a problem - simply pick out the essential elements you need right now.

Starting with your brand's basics, which is the core foundation of your brand, our team of experienced copywriters will carefully craft messaging that encapsulates your brand's goals, purpose, values, mission, vision, and mantra. We will then take a deep dive into defining your customer profiles to create a content plan and promotional messaging that aligns with your brand, engages your audience, and helps creates repeat customers!


We have four different packs that create our Brand Profile Foundations package. You can choose the entire Brand Foundations Package (which includes all four packs listed below), or you can choose which brand foundations you need the most.

Brand Basics Pack

Discover your brand's foundational core basics so that you can create a strong brand image that motivates your ideal customer to purchase from you. In this package we cover all of the brand and company basics by researching, strategising, and presenting you with your new mission, vision, company values, mantra and more!

Customer Profiling + Brand Archetype + Voice & Tone Pack

Take a deep dive into your customer profiles and get a 360 degree look at who they are, how they feel, what they think and what they want. We will also help shape how you present a brand personality, brand archetypes, and voice and tone that will relate to and frame the right conversations with your audience. You will walk away knowing who your brand is, how your brand talks, your customers trigger points and how to speak to them.

Content Plan & Pillars Pack

Don’t have the time on your hands to create and perfect your content plan & pillars? Not a problem. We can take care of the countless hours of industry insights, search engine analysis, and customer profiling so you will walk away knowing exactly what angles to talk about and what content to create to capture the attention of your audience and their search queries.

Brand Messaging & Key Promotions Pack

Boost your brand promotions with our memorable, purposeful, and goal-aligned brand messaging that can be used across your branding, content, and website. You will walk away with messages that include strong CTA’s to inspire conversions & repeat customers. In this brand pack, we will provide actionable templates to show you how can communicate the essence of your brand across your chosen channels.


Discover Your Brands Foundations & Content Strategy In 4 Simple Steps

Step One: Research, Research & More Research.

Firstly, we deep dive into your brand’s existing foundations, content strategy, and messaging to identify what sets you apart from your competition. We also figure out exactly who your target audience is, down to the finest details, so that we can speak directly to them in your copy. All of this allows us to craft a brand profile & content strategy that your customers will relate to and LOVE.

Step Two: We Craft Your Creative Strategy & Copy

Now that we understand your audience and have a strategy in place, we start writing unique, valuable and relevant content. Our excellent team of copywriters craft world-class content that your audience will fall in love with.

Step THREE: Revise, Rework And Refine

The first version is only the beginning! We then start the perfection process, carefully editing and polishing until your content is completely refined. Our clients enjoy two rounds of copy edits taking their feedback fully on board to ensure complete satisfaction.


In this final step, your captivating strategy and content is ready to go. We deliver it to you in a final word document and PDF guide so that you can distribute your final Brand Foundations Guide to your staff, sub-contractors and third parties to populate on your website and channels. It won’t be long before you start seeing the results of your new brand profile & content strategy!

Is Your Brand & Content Heading In The Direction You Desire?

Our expert team of copywriters will work with you to solidify your brand foundations and content plan and create promotional messaging that is enticing, professional, and on brand. We deliver copy for various platforms including websites, social media, lead magnets, magazines, public relations, guest blogs, workshops, and more.