Lunge your online presence to the next level with In-Person & Online
Workshops made for DIY-loving small businesses & employees!

You're a Small Business
(So, basically, you're a Superhero!)

And you’ve got NO time to waste when it comes to attracting the attention of your website visitors and guaranteeing they don’t leave you for the competition.

Which means you need an intentional brand and a strategic site that helps you succeed.

But unless you’ve magically acquired a marketing degree overnight (and thousands of hands-on experience), you’re stuck in a pickle:

You need to find a way to stand out and succeed online with an intentional brand and website … but you really don’t have a clue where to start.

And even if you’re doing it yourself, you definitely don’t want to do it alone.

But what if creating your high-converting brand and website was as straightforward as brewing your morning cup of coffee?

Welcome to the Build Your Website & Brand Workshops: Your place for strengthening your success with short, intensive and action-packed mini-workshop sessions that hold your hand and guide you to your dream website.

We make it easy for you to build trust and show your authority online! No more information overload (or overwhelm), from start-up to scale-up getting the right brand & website guidance can take you from stressed to success!

Whether you’re starting your small business from scratch or your existing brand and site hasn’t seen love and sweat in a while, these workshop sessions are designed to guide you from dreamer to doer with a practical roadmap for fast-tracking your dream online presence.

Best of All...

Select Your Session

BYO Business & Laptop. We’ll Supply the Strategy, Directions & Instructions.

Mission, Vision, Values & Understanding Your Audience

Website Accelerator - Workshop 1

Nail your brand's core elements in this hands-on, in-person workshop. You'll define a clear vision, craft a compelling mission statement, establish core values, and pinpoint your target audience.


What Makes Your Brand Different?

Website Accelerator - Workshop 2

Create a powerful narrative for your business by defining your unique selling points and brand message. This workshop provides step-by-step guidance to ensure your brand stands out and resonates with your target market.


Establish Your Brand Identity & Brand Guidelines

Website Accelerator - Workshop 3

Develop a cohesive and professional brand identity by exploring brand archetypes and creating comprehensive Brand Guidelines. This hands-on workshop helps you design a consistent brand image using our MYB Canva Template.


Plan your Website Strategy, Content Architecture & Choose Your Website Design Style

Website Accelerator - Workshop 4

Strategise your website’s user journey and content architecture while selecting the perfect design theme. This workshop guides you through creating a seamless online experience, from planning content outlines to choosing ready-to-go design themes.


Create & Refine Your Webpage Content

Website Accelerator - Workshop 5

Master the art of webpage content creation with outlines, focused templates and ChatGPT prompts. This workshop helps you efficiently develop high-quality copy for key pages like your homepage, about us page and more.


Implement On-Page Organic SEO

Website Accelerator - Workshop 6

Boost your website’s visibility with foundational organic SEO techniques. This workshop covers essential SEO practices, including keyword research and image file naming, to improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site.


Product & Service Descriptions

Website Accelerator - Workshop 7

Enhance your product or service descriptions to attract and convert customers. This workshop provides practical tips and templates to create detailed, persuasive descriptions that highlight key features and benefits, making your offerings more appealing.


Website Optimisation & Preparing to Go Live!

Website Accelerator - Workshop 8

Get ready for a seamless website launch with comprehensive optimisation strategies. This workshop walks you through a detailed Go Live Checklist, ensuring your website is fully optimised and ready to deliver an exceptional user experience from day one.


What's in each session?

Each 2-hour workshop features set objectives and hands-on activities done live with the group. By the end of each session, you'll complete exercises, follow templates, and receive live guidance. Each workshop has a strict agenda, covering topics like Mission, Vision, Values, audience understanding, brand identity, website strategy, user journeys, content creation, conversion principles, SEO, and product/service descriptions.

By the end, you'll optimise your website or be one step closer to launching your professional-grade site. Additional resources include worksheet folder links, templates, checklists, AI prompts, and access to a dedicated Facebook group and Zoom meetings for ongoing support and community building. You get a complete package to fulfil the workshop's goals and objectives.

8 Signs Your Business Needs Our Workshops:

  • Your products only sell when they’re on sale (if at all).
  • Your bounce rate is over 30% and you’re consistently attracting the wrong kinds of visitors to your site.
  • When you do get a sale, you struggle to convince your customers to leave a review let alone make a repeat sale.
  • Google analytics feels like a foreign language, and you’re overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out how to appease the Google gods all on your own.
  • You’re running ads but your ROI is less than 200%.
  • You and your dream clients agree: Your branding sucks.
  • Your throat closes up when you try to articulate your value (and you have a feeling your target market doesn’t really understand what you sell and why you sell it either).
  • Meanwhile, your competitors are doing great and seem to have mastered the art of stealing your clients and sales.

But, the BIGGEST takeaways are...

Everything you need is in the one place.

Becoming an expert—and bringing your dream professional website and brand to life—typically means collecting complex and complicated content from all over the online and offline universe, then scrapbooking it together to take a stab at success. Using AI aimlessly can add to the chaos.

With our workshops, there’s no need to waste countless hours researching or wondering, so that one day you can create the right brand and website. We’ve condensed all the teachable moments you need, simplified tech how-tos, instructions, worksheets, action plans, and motivation so you can get excited about building your brand and website TODAY.

You're not doing it alone, we are here.

We know DIY can be tricky. Which is why we’ve made sure you get the right professional guidance, resources, tools and templates to DIY with guidance. AND you can always phone-a-friend that knows where you are at and get the technical support and practical support you need from our expert team of brand strategists, copywriters, HTML coders and graphic designers.

Simply purchase some On Demand Marketing Support pre-paid credit with us and you can Zoom a Friend to connect with the professional help you need to get the results you want.

Prices for hands-on workshop help vary, but just like the good old days of mobile phone pre-paid credit, you only pay for what you use. Let our team uncomplicated your life, our On Demand Support is the package suitable for every start-up and scale-up budget.

We can finish the job if it gets overwhelming.

“But what if I discover I don’t have the time, energy, enthusiasm or patience to action your awesome workshops?” We hear you. And the biggest advantage to our workshops – we can help you finish the job!

Uh-huh, you read that right: We can help you every step of the way. If you can't (or don't want to) finish the job, just contact us for a quote, a package or On Demand Support credit and we can complete your logo design, brand strategy plan & build your Shopify or WordPress website – EVERYTHING! We simply take over to complete your brand and website – no matter where it’s at – so you don’t have to. ​

Since we've guided you every step of the way, we know your progress and can seamlessly pick up where you left off without fixing unknown issues. (And if that sounds like a big deal, it is. Typical agencies only work with projects from scratch!)


If your brand or website just isn't working, the power is in your hands – let's work it out!

You'll love these sessions if:

  • You want to be backed up by the ultimate team of professionals that not only hold your hand (and give you high-fives) but also give you the proven action plan you need to achieve your most ambitious goals.
  • You want to learn the secret strategies professional marketing agencies use so you can launch and sell faster to customers that are more emotionally invested in purchasing from you.
  • You’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or staff member ready to work ON fixing the business (not just working in it) and you want to get your brand and website up and running yourself.
  • You’d love to feel fully in control of your business success and swap DIY drama (where you’re wasting hundreds of hours or begging strangers on Facebook for help) for crystal clear clarity that sees you building your brand and website with purpose and direction … ten times faster than if you’d attempted it on your own!
  • You’re sick of hiding your business, brand and website in the shadows and want to face your fears (looking at you, HTML, copywriting, graphic and graphic design) to create a brand and website that not only builds a bond and cultivates trust with your target market but also masterfully does its job of converting visitors into leads, bookings and sales.

We’re Proud To Be A Little Different…

Okay, okay, not a little. A lot. Because we know that there’s a tonne of information overload – and overwhelm – out there on the Internet. And signing up for a new thing can sometimes feel like a total waste of time.

  • A little less conversation, a little more action​.We’ve all taken one of those workshops that felt like listening to Great-Grandpa Joe on a nostalgic rant (where you’re mumbling to yourself, “Come on – get to the point already!”)

    That’ll never happen with us. Every word or instruction that comes out of our mouths or emails is incredibly valuable. We tell you what you need to know in a simple manner that's easy to understand. You will go from completely clueless straight to the heart of the action as quickly and expertly as possible, so you’ll be saying, “Pop the bubbly, I’m done!” by the end of our time together.
  • We walk the talk.
    Building a polished website and brand (that converts!) is no easy job. After all, if it were, ALL the bright-eyed business hopefuls would be bragging about their conversion-pulling brands and sold-out websites.

    But we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. As a digital integrated agency & consultancy, our clients expect the best and we deliver done-for-you websites, brands and content that gets tangible results (that our clients really can brag about!).

    Your time with us won't be as effortless as having it all handed to you, but we make it achievable for you to level up your business and make your mark online.

Have a question before you commit?


The workshops were created for business savvy entrepreneurs, start-up sole-traders, company team members and assistants, employees that are stuck “doing it ALL”, and businesses that are ready to get their brand and website basics sorted so they can scale-up and succeed.

Nope. Each session is designed to take you from clueless to in control (although it wouldn’t hurt to have a basic idea of the topic you’ve signed up for).

And if you’re keen to learn more about your chosen session, you’ll love that we’ve included optional additional reading with our recommended free resources and other external links you can take advantage of.

You may choose to read these prior to watching the video tutorials as they may help you in understanding concepts and applying the exercises to your business.

As much time as you need! You have up to 12 months to access and complete your session, and the time you spend to complete your workshop heavily relies on your goals and what you need to achieve. But pro tip: The time you put in directly correlates to what you get out of it.

As a benchmark, each workshop offers between 3-8 videos (at around ten minutes per video), weekly one-hour live group Q&A sessions on Zoom, a workbook, six exercises and many additional resources and quicklinks. As an average, we suggest allowing one hour of total video viewing for each workshop. You may also wish to go back and rewatch videos or redo the exercises as your business grows and evolves throughout the year.

Due to the digital workshop's high-value nature, we cannot offer refunds. However, if you are unsatisfied with the session you have selected, please contact us so that we may rectify the situation and assign you to an alternative workshop of the same value. Please note you only have 24 hours to notify us that you are unhappy with your workshop.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE: You get lifetime access to your session once it is purchased. Workshops may be continually updated with new resources, exercises and reading as we continue best practice teachings. You may log into your portal at any time and learn at your own pace.

Bootcamp sessions are delivered by Peggy Worrell, founder of Marketing Your Brand, and her in-house team of website developers, graphic designers and copywriters. Specialised workshop topics may also feature additional guidance or training from special guests and industry experts.

Depending on which one or how many sessions you join, each workshop is delivered from within your portal. Simply login to view all the videos within the session, download the workbooks, do the exercises, and gain access to the recommended additional resources or readings. If you have purchased more than one workshop, all the workshops you have purchased will be displayed and linked from within your portal login.

Our sessions are available all year round so that you can work through and refer to them at your own pace. We do not launch/relaunch sessions throughout the year. Instead, we have chosen to use that additional energy to continually expand on the topics and goals of each session with additional videos & resources so that you are 100% satisfied with the workshop content.

Absolutely! The exercises, principles and strategies discussed apply to both product-based eCommerce owners and service-based providers.

Essentially, if you plan on owning a website or want to develop a brand to represent you in a professional way, these workshops are for you. Please note: These workshops do have a heavy focus on building brands and websites for commercial appeal and purposes.

You’ll have access to your session for a full year after purchase. And if you choose to purchase all 12 sessions (phwoar – go get ‘em!), you’ll unlock lifetime access to all 12 sessions

However, keep in mind that your lifetime access only applies if you pre-purchase the entire 12 sessions from the beginning. Please note: This does not include our Create With Canva Course. Learn more about it here.

Absolutely! The exercises, principles and strategies discussed apply to both product-based eCommerce owners and service-based providers.

Essentially, if you plan on owning a website or want to develop a brand to represent you in a professional way, these workshops are for you. Please note: These workshops do have a heavy focus on building brands and websites for commercial appeal and purposes.

At the moment, no. We specialise in Shopify and WordPress websites only. You can apply strategies and skills learned to other platforms but we heavily focus on Shopify & Wordpress for their ease of use and flexibility.

Then we’ll be here to help you get un-stuck with Zoom a Friend. This service unlocks your ability to book private one-to-one hands-on help with an expert via Zoom. During your private Zoom call, we can provide a higher level of hands-on assistance with remote control access of your computer for troubleshooting, or other in-house services such as HMTL coding assistance, website design, graphic design services, marketing advice, strategy and planning or copywriting. These come at an extra pre-paid hourly fee and are 100% optional. Please view more here.

Learn & Take Action

No Fuss, No Fluff SEO

Having your website show up in a Google search naturally by working with Google’s algorithm isn’t fiction, it's real and achievable. Our clients have improved their ranking with a long-term plan of action, and with a little guidance you can too! If you are curious about understanding SEO - take our SEO Foundations Workshop.