You only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors, so how is your website stacking up? Don't hang about with a website that has an outdated design and poor performance – our professional web designers, copywriters, and SEO experts are gifted at recreating beautiful websites that look and feel inviting, professional, and unique. But above all else - we know how to boost your websites conversions!



You only get one chance to make a first impression online, and your website - particularly your homepage - provides that chance. Consider it the entrance to your virtual shopfront, enticing visitors to dive deeper into your website. A great homepage increases opportunities you have to convert visitors into customers and can boost your search engine rankings, making you more discoverable online.

Our team always starts at the homepage, ensuring that it is a high-converting, fully optimised entrance to your website. From the first page your audience visits, to the last, our team will work with you to create a website experience that encapsulates the true beauty and essence of your brand. No matter what you are after, we can redesign and optimise any and all pages of your website to create the ultimate user journey.

Starting with your visual branding, which is a vital part of your company’s story, we carefully select the most powerful, high-quality imagery, colours, and fonts, and layouts that will help viewers relate, understand, and connect with your brand.

Our team of experienced copywriters will craft powerful messaging and promotions, effective headlines, call-to-actions that clearly communicate your brand’s appeal and difference in the market. We also go that extra mile to create an excellent viewing experience by ensuring your content aligns with all attention types and scanning patterns. This means you walk away with a powerful, optimised website that is designed to convert.



You can have a beautifully designed website that is pleasing to the eye, but if it is not optimised to suit Google’s algorithm, no one will be able to find it or navigate it easily. We use our best practice content and webpage design optimisation checklist to ensure that no matter whether we redesign your site on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace or Wix – your webpage redesign will work towards increasing your conversions. Our website redesign and optimisation services can include:

Homepage Website Redesign

  • Sourcing powerful hero images
  • Planning and writing brand messaging.
  • Developing and implementing a visual branding strategy.
  • Refreshing and updating copy.
  • Showcasing your social proof - testimonials & reviews.
  • Developing or fine tuning your visual identity.
  • Writing effective headlines, promotional copy, and strategic call-to-actions.
  • Creating informational footers.

Website Redesign & Upgrade - All Web Pages

  • Writing effective headlines, promotional copy, and strategic call-to-actions.
  • Refreshing and updating copy.
  • Planning and writing brand messaging.
  • Developing and implementing a visual branding strategy.
  • Sourcing and supplying powerful photos and video content.
  • Creating informational footers.
  • Organising and designing the pages & layouts of your website.
  • Creating quality landing pages.
  • Developing or fine tuning your visual identity.

Throughout all of our strategies we keep one thing in mind - your brand’s appeal and most importantly ensuring your clients experience is both seamless and impressive.


We utilise our best practice content and webpage design optimisation checklist to ensure that no matter whether we redesign your site on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace or Wix – your website redesign will work towards increasing your conversions.

Option One | Full Website

We can redesign and optimise up to 12 pages of your full website to ensure you are consistently communicating the right messages, have consistent and cohesive visual branding, using strong calls to action, and more.

Option Two | HOMEPAGE OR One Page

Most commonly used for a homepage or landing page, we will redesign and optimise one single page of your website, checking for consistent messaging, visual flow, calls to action, and more.




Before we begin on your homepage or website project, we conduct a thorough website audit to ensure we understand exactly what you need. Then we follow these eight key steps (and our secret best practices conversion checklist!):


Before we dive into redesigning and building your homepage we plan the purpose behind your visitor’s journey. We utilise heat mapping software, your personal sales insights and Google Analytics to see what is triggering your visitors right now and how we can channel better results from your homepage. Our goal is to take your visitors deeper into your site using your key triggers and strategic call to actions.

Step Two: We Prioritise Key Messages & Section Layouts

We dissect all the problems your company solves for customers. Then, we look at the benefits your products and/or service offers to your target audience. Because consumers want to know how using your products or services will make their life better or fulfil their needs and wants. So we make sure the solutions you provide to potential customers are easy for visitors to see on your homepage and website. This will allow them to decide if your business can address their needs quickly.

Step THREE: We Craft Effective Headlines& Menu siteplans

The right headline teamed with a short sub-line or paragraph of text should instantly tell readers what your business is and what services you provide. Within seconds, visitors to your website will want to know what you have to offer, so this should be clearly stated across the headlines, sitemap, hero images, your homepage and key website pages. Using strategy, we finesse and formulate the right type of messaging and copy that will appeal to the fundamental needs and appeals that intrigue your visitors.

Step FOUR: We Integrate Visual Branding and Prioritise Powerful Imagery

Visual branding is a vital part of your company’s story and should be integrated into your homepage and website. The bottom line is that people tend to be visual. Adding powerful photos and videos of your products and services or visually triggering thoughts and meaning through images will help viewers relate, understand and connect with your brand. Although imagery also improves the credibility of your website, it can also convey subliminal messaging without the viewer even realising. Therefore, we plan carefully for the hidden meaning behind the images. We select from your available photos and ensure the style of imagery used aligns with your brand. We can also source and supply appropriate stock photography if you do not have an image library of your own.

Step FIVE: We Align Your Call To Actions

One of the most important purposes of your website’s home page is to encourage visitors to dive deeper into what your company offers. The call-to-action (CTA) should entice potential customers to visit your website’s interior pages and begin the selling cycle. Strategic CTA’s that speak in your brand language are the key to guiding visitors through the customer journey, and boosting your conversions.

Step SIX: We Ensure You Appeal To The Different Attention Types

Traditionally, websites are read from top to bottom. But not all users will follow the same navigational path. Once a viewer stays past the first 3 seconds, they will fall into a typical homepage viewer pattern and become one of two types of viewers: Seekers, who deep dive into their information search, and Scanners, who rush quickly through your content. We create a viewing experience that suits both these users, all while getting across the correct messaging, promotions, call to action, and brand appeal.

Step SEVEN: We Create An Informational Footer

Once your visitors reach the end of your website’s homepage, you need to keep them engaged. We ensure your footer has contact information, links to the relevant pages of your website, social media platforms, and contact information. This encourages visitors to continue engaging with your brand and products, leading to higher conversion rates.

Step EIGHT: We Prioritise Your Social Proof

New visitors and potential customers feel reassured when others speak highly of your brand. Providing customer testimonials and reviews for visitors to skim over is a great way to increase your credibility and establish trust and expertise. It helps show new customers that your company is an authority in its field. We ensure the right social proof is used across key triggers of your homepage and website.


When the Marketing Your Brand team redesigns and optimises your website, we work honestly and cooperatively as your partners and explain the process openly and honestly. As a small team, we have the ability to offer a highly personalised redesign and optimisation service to take the burden off your hands and help set your website up for increased success. You will be left with a website that inspires, engages, connects, and converts your audience.