Brand Board Templates Helps you design your brand package
Brand Board Kit
Canva Brand Board Template by Marketing Your Brand
Brand Board Kit
Brand Board Templates Helps you design your brand package
Brand Board Kit
Canva Brand Board Template by Marketing Your Brand
Brand Board Kit

Brand Board Kit

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Create Your Ultimate Brand Board Inspiration With Our CANVA Templates

Does this sound like you:­­

  • Your branding feels “meh” and does not inspire you
  • Your branding is all over the place because you don’t have guidelines for specific branding attributes
  • You wish you had more consistency in your branding
  • Seeing other brand and mood boards on the internet, you envy their level of organisation
  • You spend hours trying to define what things should look like, or picking out colours and elements for a design

Imagine having a handy template that:

  • Saves you precious time and hours - no more fumbling to find HEX codes or font names every time you whip up a graphic!
  • Inspires you to experiment with different colour and font combinations, while also giving you a holistic overview of how your brand choices complement each other.
  • Gives you the freedom to design YOUR brand from scratch, or;
  • Enables you to succinctly communicate your wants and desires to designers and content creators.

Get inspired, stay focused, build your brand vision and save precious hours with these pre-designed Brand Board Templates!

This is the ultimate brand board kit! Complete with colour story, brand website elements, and various mood board inclusions - if you are struggling to create a logo, express your design brief to a designer or simply want a visually appealing Brand Board aid for your advertising and marketing tactics - this is the kit for you!

Hand it to your employees, print it and post it on your brand building wall, give it to your graphic designer and ensure your marketing materials, advertising and brand image are on point, and consistently marketing your brand. 

What's included in the Ultimate Brand Board Kit:

1 x Mini Mood Board Template

Get your inspiration flowing with this easy, drag and drop collage template. The board

2 x Tall Brand Board Templates

Have an instant, comprehensive and visual representation of the exact vibe and voice your brand should portray. This board includes an overview of your main logo, alterations, fonts, colour palette and its application in patterns, stylised buttons and on-brand icons.

2 x Web Elements Templates

An in depth look into branding specifics that will contribute to making your brand identifiable and to building brand trust on online platforms. This board defines colours, patterns, fonts, button design, branded icons as well as at-a-glance views of your online presence.

2 x Mini Brand Board Templates

Ideal to pin to your vision board, or to keep at hand for quick and easy reference- making sure your brand stays succinct. The mini brand board gives an easy reference for fundamentals like fonts, colours, elements and main logo.


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