What Makes Your Brand Different? About Your Company, USP & POD’s, Brand & Promotional Messages – Website Workshop 2
What Makes Your Brand Different? About Your Company, USP & POD’s, Brand & Promotional Messages – Website Workshop 2

What Makes Your Brand Different? About Your Company, USP & POD’s, Brand & Promotional Messages – Website Workshop 2

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Is Your Business Built on Strong Foundations?

 Do you know who you are as a business? What makes your business unique? Do you know how to talk to and convert your customers? Join our hands-on workshop focused on crafting your company’s story, unique selling points, brand messages, and promotional strategy. Each session is designed to guide you through the essential elements of building a strong and memorable brand foundation. 


Title:  Build Your Brand Foundations
Duration: 2 Hours
Format: Live In-Person Workshop
Where: 1/35 Township Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD
Morning Class: 10am for Service-Based Businesses (Squarespace)
Afternoon Class: 2pm for Product-Based Businesses (Shopify)
Instructor: Peggy from Marketing Your Brand
Requirements: BYO laptop, an established business with ABN, and readiness to dive into your brand story

What You Will Learn...

✔ Define and articulate your company’s story
✔ Identify your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and Points of Difference (PODs)
✔ Craft compelling brand messages
✔ Develop effective promotional messages designed to connect + engage + convert!


Easy-to-follow Templates and Instructions

Step-by-step guides to help you nail down your company’s story and unique selling points.

Fun Interactive Exercises

Practical tasks designed to make sure you can put what you learn into action right away.

Live Q&A Sessions

Have your burning questions answered in real-time by our friendly expert.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow business owners, share insights, and maybe even make a few new friends.

Handy Resources and Tools

Access to checklists and templates to keep your brand development on track and stress-free (well, we hope so anyway!).

Grammar Review and Feedback

Submit your work and get constructive feedback to ensure your messaging is polished and professional.

  What’s the BIG deal with Brand Foundations?  

Building a strong brand starts with crafting a compelling story and defining your Unique Selling Points (USPs). Your brand story tells your audience who you are, what you stand for, and why they should care. It’s what makes you unforgettable and helps you shine in a crowded market.

Nailing down your USPs and Points of Difference (PODs) gives you the edge over competitors and shows customers why they should choose you. When you clearly communicate what sets you apart, you give customers a reason to pick you every time.

A great brand message ties everything together, making your values and vision resonate with your audience. And those promotional messages? They’re your invitations to action, encouraging your audience to engage with you – whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or referring your services to friends & family.


If you have a question, we have the answer. View our frequently asked questions here. If you do not find your question, please contact us directly.


An avid marketer and Director of Marketing Your Brand agency, Peggy is lovingly known by clients as Mrs Fix It! Peggy helps businesses turn into successful BRANDS that people LOVE.

Peggy has a marketing career that spans nearly 2 decades. She has in-depth knowledge of industry insights and has been responsible for the marketing strategies that have generated over AUD$10.8 million worth of sales.


Get to know Peggy!

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