Competitor Audit | Know Your Market

Competitor Audit | Know Your Market

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If you are applying for a business grant, considering buying a new business, requesting funding from an investor or simply want to get to know how you compare to the competition, let our professional marketing team provide you with a comprehensive Competitor Audit. 

We step into the shoes of your potential customers, we research, shop around on social media and Google to find those potential market share hoggers. We then evaluate and provide a non-biased, outsider evaluation of those competitors and how you compare to them.

Our competitor audit will take an in-depth look at up to 20 of your highest ranked current competitors in your same field of business, and provide essential information on how you can adjust your current marketing strategies to maintain a competitive advantage!

What You Get:

  1. A comprehensive evaluation of your top 10 current competitors.
  2. An analysis of their similar products, the look and feel of their branding, tone of voice, keywords, strengths and overall brand impression. 
  3. A PDF and powerpoint presentation presenting your competitors, their point of difference and yours.
  4. Our strategic marketing recommendations to ensure your products stands out from the rest.

We're not emotionally attached to your business, so we can evaluate from an objective and realistic stand-point, which is something a lot of business founders are simply not wired to do. 

You will use this Competitor Audit to make smarter brand and business decisions. 

The Order Process

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete a questionnaireso that we can establish your field of business, competitors and other important information.

Timeframe Turnaround: 2 weeks from questionnaire submission.