eCommerce Marketing Strategy Session
Strategy Session: 2 Hour Video Call
eCommerce Marketing Strategy Session
Strategy Session: 2 Hour Video Call

eCommerce Marketing Strategy Session: 2 Hour Video Call

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Does your eCommerce business need a boost in sales? Are you hungry for a five-star customer rating? Preparing to embark on your small business venture and want to get it right the first time around?

Whether you have an official eCommerce plan, or lack there of, having expert help to plan your eCommerce strategies, can be the difference between making the sale or raising the bounce rate (that's tech-terminology for having customers leave your store empty-handed)

This is NOT a program. It is NOT a one-way tutorial. It is real one-on-one interaction and experienced advice from Peggy (Director of Marketing Your Brand) and her marketing team. 

We offer eCommerce help for both Shopify and WooCommerce.


  • Essential Website Framework for eCommerce
  • Communication & Sales Strategies
  • Social Media Shop Tactics
  • How To Utilise Sales Channels 
  • Email Campaign Tactics
  • Pricing & Promotion Strategies
  • Customer Service Policies
  • Applications and software that can help


You will consider us the best friend you ever had - full of eCommerce strategy ideas you can use and purely committed to seeing you succeed in business.

Together, we will plan your eCommerce Marketing Strategy for success!


Prior to the consult, we email you a series of questions, and we do our own research on your business and your industry online.

You come prepared and ready for action with a face-to-face video call.

We discuss what you're wanting to achieve, your ideas, budget, software, capabilities and what you can do to market your eCommerce business successfully.

We provide you with calculated advice, a roadmap to follow and the eCommerce strategies you can use and implement yourself!

We suggest coming to this consultation prepared and ready to take action, straight away - because we do! 


This consultation will happen over a video call. Simply select which video call software you prefer, a booking time and date from our calendar of availability, and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving the booking.

Together, we will get you on the right path to successfully building and marketing your eCommerce business!

Please note, all information discussed will be flagged as sensitive information. Non-Disclosure Agreements can be supplied, so feel free to get technical. Your business is in good hands.

BOOK A TIME to get the help you need from the comfort of your own home.

Meet Peggy

An avid marketer and Director of Marketing Your Brand, Peggy is lovingly known by clients as Mrs Fix It! Peggy helps small businesses turn into successful BRANDS that customers LOVE!

Peggy has a marketing career that spans over a decade. She has in-depth knowledge of industry insights and has been responsible for the marketing strategies that have generated over $10.8 million $AUD worth of sales. 

Peggy's professional experience includes marketing brands & professional services to consumer and business2business industries. Having used budgets ranging from $0 per month – $80,000 per month, no project is too small or too big.

Peggy works honestly, with strong attention to detail and takes great pride in leading each client with professional integrity and proven marketing methods.

Get to know Mrs. Fix It a little better by clicking here.