How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!
How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!

How To Get Found On Google (Shopify & WP Edition) - Join Now!

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DIY SEO Help! Conducting your own organic SEO as part of your website maintenance is easy with a clear, concise action plan. In this workshop, we teach you how to apply the exact Organic SEO steps and formulas we provide to our marketing clients, so you can start building up your ranking with Google too!


Conducting your own organic SEO as part of your website maintenance, is made easy with self-paced actionable learning and guidance. In this workshop, we simplify the mysteries of Google with the most important methods and tactics you should use to build naturally occurring organic SEO. We’ve been educating clients on how to conduct their own organic SEO practices for years, and now we’re sharing our action-plan with you. By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to use SEO practices in a simple, straightforward manner. Let Search Engine Optimisation building become a part of your daily content and marketing practice with No Fluff, No Fuss SEO.


Complete this self-paced workshop and come back to it any time for a SEO refresh with lifetime access as a Founding Member - Price $149
(Please note: prices will double in June, 2022)


What You Will Learn...

✔ How to optimise your Shopify & WordPress website
✔ How to set up Google Analytics
How to create content that organically builds your SEO ranking with Google
✔ How to use & submit your sitemap to Google Console
✔ What SEO keyword research tools to use
✔ Understanding & harnessing searcher intent
✔ The most important SEO strategies
✔ Choosing keywords for your industry
✔ SEO basic understanding (including how the Google search engine ranks you)
✔ Dealing with duplicate content
✔ Optimising images for SEO (Image alt tags, descriptions & sizing etc.)
✔  Repurposing old content
✔  Writing title tags
✔  Writing better copy & blog posts for SEO

      No Fuss, No Fluff SEO

      Having your website show up in a Google search naturally by working with Google’s algorithm isn’t a dream, it's real and achievable. You don't have to hire a dodgy SEO company to make it happen. Our clients have improved their own SEO ranking results with a long-term plan of action. With the right guidance, you can too.

        NEED DIY HELP?  
      Don't worry, we're here to support you! 

      We are here to help guide and support you on your DIY journey, but we get that some things can be too complex or that you just don't have the time to do yourself. If you require assistance with any of the action steps or technical challenges in our workshop, you can phone a friend, aka us, and allow our website and content specialists to do things for you, such as connecting your Google Analytics account via remote controlling your computer. OR let us tell you the best keywords for the blog article you are writing? There are so many ways in which we can provide hands-on hourly support. Just book in some time and get there faster with our hourly support rates!

      If you have a question, we have the answer. View our frequently asked questions here. If you do not find your question, please contact us directly.

      Meet Peggy

      An avid marketer and Director of Marketing Your Brand, Peggy is lovingly known by clients as Mrs Fix It! Peggy helps small businesses turn into successful BRANDS that customers LOVE!

      Peggy has a marketing career that spans over a decade. She has in-depth knowledge of industry insights and has been responsible for the marketing strategies that have generated over $10.8 million $AUD worth of sales. 

      Peggy's professional experience includes marketing brands & professional services to consumer and business2business industries. Having used budgets ranging from $0 per month – $80,000 per month, no project is too small or too big.

      Peggy works honestly, with strong attention to detail and takes great pride in leading each client with professional integrity and proven marketing methods.

      Get to know Mrs. Fix It a little better by clicking here.

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      What’s included

      SEO Basics

      Get to grips with search engine mechanics and the role of SEO in online visibility.

      Get Comfortable with GA4

      Learn what to look out for and how to analyse your website’s Google results on GA4.

      Keyword Mastery

      Learn how to research and implement keywords that will drive targeted traffic.

      Content Optimisation

      We share real-world strategies to create content that both search engines and visitors will love.

      Technical SEO

      Understand the technical aspects that influence your site's ranking.

      Tools and Resources

      Explore free SEO tools that will help you or your team analyse and improve your site's SEO performance.

      Workbook & Checklists

      Utilise our unique checklists, including Readability and Webpage SEO checklists, to keep your SEO efforts on track.

      Optional button

      Resource Library

      Lifetime access to our HOW TO GET FOUND ON GOOGLE (SHOPIFY & WP EDITION) online masterclass.

      Join an Interactive and Engaging Session

      Face-to-Face Live Q&A

      Have your pressing SEO questions answered in real-time.

      Practical Exercises

      Come ready to apply what you learn immediately, in a group environment, with guided exercises during the workshop. BYO laptop is essential.

      Networking Opportunities

      Connect with other business owners and team members to share experiences and tips.

      Workshop Help

      Pick & Choose Your Journey!

      Our workshops guide business founders across all do-it-yourself aspects of getting your business ready to market. They’re designed to take away overwhelming errors, technical challenges and the pitfalls business founders face when trying to go-it-alone with a DIY website and brand presence. 

      From brand concept to website launch at every stage you have access to expert guidance and hands-on help, without hiring a full time professional. Team our workshops with our guided support services for an action-focused DIY pathway, and an affordable helping hand.

      Build Your Website & Brand



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