Marketing Audit | Your Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Audit | Your Marketing Fundamentals

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Your out of the start-up race and you have made it to the top with a sustainable and viable business concept, but scaling to the next stage or setting the marketing direction has you stumped. Our Marketing Audit can give you the clarity and direction you need to scale-up and get out of the plateau your business is in.

It's also a surefire way to declutter your marketing strategies and focus on what is actually drawing the attention of your ideal audience!

At the beginning of the Fundamentals Marketing Audit, we clarify your desired marketing goals and your thoughts for the future of your brand. If you've got the dream, we can help guide you to the right marketing strategy for you.

Our recommendations are formulated and evaluated based on your research and your desired goals, but also on proven strategies that can improve your overall Marketing and ultimately create business growth.

We aim to highlight any gaps, needs or improvement areas in your marketing. We also take into consideration your Marketing budget and self-managed marketing skill-level.

Choose One of These 6 Marketing Fundamentals

1. Your Brand Strategy

If you are not a Brand, you're a commodity and the low-cost "sell" is the only thing driving your sales. Are you utilising your Brand Power?

2. Messages You Send

What are the messages you're actually communicating? There is a fine line in balancing the intentional with the unintentional.

3. How You Compare

The perception of your business in the marketplace plays the biggest role in a customer's purchase decision. Our online research evaluates your online positioning against your customer's needs.

4. CRM Practices & Referrals

The customer always wins... or so they think. What sales strategies are you using to keep them coming back? We evaluate how and what you can improve on.

5. Conversion Quality of Website

A website that converts, is your MOST important sales tool! Is your website working for you, or are you working for it? We'll tell you how you can do better.

6. Your Insta-Brand Review

Did you know that Instagram has 18x higher engagement rate for Business accounts than Facebook Business's and that users visit at least one business profile every day? Are you using Insta-right?

The Order Process

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an email with further instructions to complete a questionnaire, you choose the fundamental area you want us to audit and then we schedule a Zoom to chat to get started!
All of our recommendations are then presented in a PDF that you can utilise for your marketing decision making.

Timeframe Turnaround:
 2-3 weeks from our initial Zoom meeting. 

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