What Problems Do You Solve For Your Market?

If you can't answer this question you're in big trouble!

Here's the thing: People don't buy products and services. They buy solutions to their problems.

So when we market something we must show that it solves the problem your target market actually has. If you don't know what that problem is or how it is you solve that, you can't effectively market your business.

Don't forget, it's not necessarily what you OFFER, but the solutions you PROVIDE.

So for example...

A web designer builds websites, yes, but the problem they solve is they build websites FOR people who don't have the skill and/or time to build one themselves. Or for people whose existing website hasn't been converting to sales or leads very well. Or for people who want to look more professional or modern than their existing website allows for.

You see?

Understanding the problems you solve is essential to getting to the core of what makes your customers tick. And once you know this, positioning your messaging to make more sales becomes a breeze!


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