Are You Struggling To Get Your E-Comm Website To Rank Well In Search Engines? READ THIS!

😳 Are you struggling to get your e-comm website to rank well in search engines? READ THIS! ⤵️

Keyword competition is one of the main reasons for ranking troubles. Where most e-comm websites are going wrong is targeting highly competitive short tail keywords.

⚔ Doing this means you're entering a fierce battle you are unlikely to win. So what can you do to stand out in search engines? 🤔👇

Target unique long-tail keywords instead! ✅

➡️ A long tail keyword uses multiple, more specific words like "buy red plus size dress".

➡️ Short tail keywords use 1-2 general words like "buy dress".⠀

Of course, good keyword research is at the heart of this strategy, so be sure to use lower competition keywords your target market are searching for!

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