10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Physical Products

When you're selling digital products or online services, lead magnets are key to attracting new prospects and converting them to customers. But what about traditional brick and mortar retailers? or businesses that sell products online? Does the lead magnet concept still hold? Do lead magnets still have a place in your marketing strategy?

The simple answer is yes. Lead magnets are just as applicable and just as valuable for the sellers of physical products, as they are for service providers. 

Whilst the actual offers and methods used may vary, the basic premise is still the same: offer something of value to get your lead through the door (virtual or physical) and then dazzle them with your amazing products and customer service.
With that in mind, here are 10 lead magnet ideas to help convert your in-store or online visitors to active customers.

10 lead magnet ideas for physical products

1. In-store Coupons

Everyone loves to save money, and offering an in-store coupon is a great way to bring eager buyers to your business. In-store coupons do double duty by raising awareness of your physical location and enticing new customers to visit.

2. Referral Offers

If you want your existing customers to serve as brand ambassadors, a referral program is a must. Offer a discount for both the customer and their referral when their referral makes their first purchase. Pop a card in with every sale at the counter or your use your email database to send out an email offer. OR utilise an all inclusive loyalty discount CRM app that manages all this and more online.

3. Printable Shopping Lists 

Shopping lists are a handy everyday item for most households. Design your own printable shopping list with your logo, website and store location/s on it so that your business stays top of mind. Make sure you are capturing email addresses in exchange for the free printable download. Offering lists can be especially useful for nutritionists, lifestyle bloggers, event and wedding planners.

4. Product Guides 

Shopping for physical products can be difficult in the age of the internet. No amount of photographs or videos can replace the physical feel of an actual product, and the more information buyers have, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Offering a comprehensive product guide is a great way to entice new buyers and gain new sign-ups.

5. Recipe Cards

Online recipes are great, but who wants to take their computer into the kitchen? A printable set of recipe cards makes a great lead magnet and it’s also a great way to link to any number of products, whether you sell food, homewares, wine, party décor or even fashion! Recipe cards can be very useful for health focused kids stores, naturopaths, and food services.

6. Checklists

Keeping track of daily tasks can be tough, but checklists can make it easier. Similar to the printable shopping list, a printable ‘to-do’ list holds value in many households. Be sure to brand your checklist with your company logo, website and store location/s.

7. Medication Lists & Reminders 

This is a great lead magnet idea for anyone in the health or wellness industry. A printable list of medications and medication reminders makes a great lead magnet, and the recipient will think of you every time they use it.

8. Surveys & Quiz’s

People love to share their opinions and find out answers to their problems, so give them a way to express themselves. Surveys make great lead magnets, especially when they are relevant and properly presented. To get the most value out of your survey, make it relevant to your customer as well as your business and use it to identify a pain point and then offer a solution with an incentive. Consider using platforms such as Typeform, Google Forms, Survey Monkey or our personal favourite BrandQuiz by Involve.me.

9. In-store Contests 

Everyone loves to win a prize, and holding in-store contests is a great way to draw customers in. You can build your opt-in list at the same time with printable contest entry forms; this lead magnet usually offers one of the highest conversion rates.

10. Video Product Reviews 

Product reviews are an integral part of the purchase process. An entertaining video product review makes a great lead magnet, enticing interested consumers and bringing their contact information to your door.

In today’s competitive market, it’s imperative that you are actively seeking out customers, instead of just waiting for them to find you. Use our lead magnet ideas to create the ultimate lead magnet for your business and get some new feet through those doors!

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